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Un tout nouvel espace vient se garer entre les 2 scènes principales : le QG du Collectivo. Ce party truck, équipé d’un bar et d’une cabine de DJ, est dédié au mix pour vous offrir une autre ambiance sur le festival. Au programme, des DJs régionaux spécialement sélectionnés par l’équipe du festival. 4 sets par soir animés par 2 DJs différents chaque jour.

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A little while ago via social media, John asked for your opinion on how to enhance the camping experience. Many of you suggested the option be extended to 2-day pass holders. Now, didn’t John tell you he’d take heed? Well, here you go, it’s all done and dusted! To all our fellow 2-day pass holders, it’s time to get those tent pegs ready!

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On the agenda this summer

Fancy finding out who has been booked? Everyone has been making predictions these past few weeks and wondering why we have kept so quiet… Let it be known that the reason why we did not give anything away was to present you with a balanced, diversified and consistent line-up, to give you an overall and illustrative picture of what the Beauregard spirit is about. Today, we are ready to lift the curtain. How about you?

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